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I created this website to save all of our family recipes along with each of its story. Here you will find recipes we created with my husband and or daughter, or either of us. We love sharing best recipes we made, so have fun cooking with it. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment on the recipe you chose. Have fun!

Fresh from the Kitchen

Larang is an old Philippine recipe, however not everyone knows of it. Parrot fish (molmol in some parts of the Philippines) is the perfect fish for the recipe because of its flaky texture. This recipe is cooked with coconut milk and tausi (salted black beans).

You have heard about chicken scaloppini with Meyer Lemon. The Lemon part actually can be any kind of citrus that you can flavor with this scaloppini recipe. As usual, Love is the best flavor of all. Now let’s get cooking!

The best Mac & Cheese there is, even as a leftover! I wouldn’t have known this until both of my beloved picky eaters were looking for some leftovers, not because they are simply hungry, but because this is truly yummy.

Bring your cooking banana into something extraordinare with this recipe. Who would ever have thought that wine and banana could marry perfectly?

It’s “marshmallowy “ but not too sticky; buttery but not soggy: The Perfect Piece of Rice Krispies Bar!

Delectable, irresistible, best berry syrup ever! I am pretty sure you would crave for a slice or two of cheese cake right this minute.

Musings, Whatever!

When the devil turns his deadly hands to those whom existence we hate… When such pleases our hearts, we thank his actions and we chant, “God thank you for the day that you have given us, Amen.” This, this is how we broke God’s heart.

Ignorance, indolence; pray’rs perfumed with incense. God said this is nonsense ... with monsters on our plains.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” My father said, “Be quiet or I’ll chain your soul And take the sun and moon away as well.”

Can you guess what this poetry means? I challenge you!

Election is coming. Voting is an emotional gamble. Inspired by our country/Philippine's current situation, I made this poetry using my brother Earl Ryan

What makes a difference between a dog and a politician...

My Crafty Indulgence

Sing it with the Mighty Jungle's tune: In the garden, the mighty garden, the lady sings along...

Teaching your american kid tagalog a simple way. Chapter 1: What is your name in Tagalog: Ano ang pangalan mo? .... Ano (what) ang (is) pangalan (name) mo (your).

A Valentine project you and your little kiddos could work with. Take the scissors and cutter, give 'em glue, and let them explore their own creativity - so are yours!

"One is not born a genius, one becomes a genius" (Simone de Beauvoir). And as a parent making as much as possible that learning is fun for our daughter, we had made an accidental genius.

These broken kite's sticks looked too nice to be thrown, so I looked for an idea to make them useful. I found patterned papers with small little butterfly patterns in it, and my mind kept running ahead to do the thinking: make a “butterfly kabob”.

On Mother’s Days, show your love to your mom with a personal touch. If you know how to sew, get this idea: A Cozy Pillow she can comfortably put on her lap (like I usually do) while watching T.V., or under her toes while she reads her book. How sweet is that?