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“Butterfly Kabob” Handmade Ornament

18 Jun 2012
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These broken kite's sticks looked too nice to be thrown, so I looked for an idea to make them useful. I found patterned papers with small little butterfly patterns in it, and my mind kept running ahead to do the thinking: make a “butterfly kabob”.

Where to put these beauties? In the middle spring rib of a music book. Inspiring, eh?

Here are what you need:
Butterfly-patterned papers
Wrinkle-free glue stick (Scotch brand works best)
Scissor (keep away from your toddler)
Wooden stick (for safety reasons, please do not use the pointed barbecue type)
How to:
To make your job done quicker, cut around a butterfly pattern, and if the butterfly patterns in that paper are uniform, cut around another butterfly.

“Butterfly Kabob” Handmade Ornament

Now match exactly the shape of that butterfly with both wrong sides facing each other. Hold tight together the cut patterns, then begin cutting their exact shapes together.
Glue middle of the wrong side of cut butterfly pattern, then paste its center to the stick.

“Butterfly Kabob” Handmade Ornament

Do the same to the other prepared butterfly, and paste in opposite side of the stick proportionate to the other butterfly. Press the middle together.

“Butterfly Kabob” Handmade Ornament

“Butterfly Kabob” Handmade Ornament

Repeat the steps above to the rest of the butterflies, situating each set perpendicular to each other.

Enjoy your new creation.

“Butterfly Kabob” Handmade Ornament

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what a cute and pretty project. Thanks for sharing this with us. I am totally pinning this, by the way!

See you at the party this week.

have a fab weekend!


how beautiful! what a lovely creation!!