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In this Politically Dismantled Place

14 Oct 2015
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Election is coming. Voting is an emotional gamble. Inspired by our country/Philippine's current situation, I made this poetry using my brother Earl Ryan

 In This Politically Dismantled Place

In this politically dismantled place
Has come the entrance of another phase
Cockroaches allover the place
Catching up each other’s pace.
The rats that plagued the place before
Still plaguing like forevermore
Killing each other as if life’s a bore
Children’s dreams are thrown ashore.
And the people up above
Do the business that they love
Chaos piling in a blob
Their generations in a mob.
If you want to change this politic’lly dismantled place
Gently guide those thousands of cockroaches
Educate the plaguing rats, oh please
Let’s keep our generation’s dreams in place.

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