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4 Jan 2014
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Sing it with the Mighty Jungle's tune: In the garden, the mighty garden, the lady sings along...

Green is a happy color. Once we were living in dessert Arizona with the sun’s heat scorching our skin, seeing a shadow underneath an evergreen tree was one of my happiness.

Now we are in the Philippines with greens allover the place reminds me of lovely Seattle I so much miss to be back! All the sweet memories of walking down the streets particularly during the fall on a stroller with our then little girl make me smile. When we will be back there, only time knows. I would also like to travel allover Arizona someday. This place, although I hate the most during summer has beautiful dessert sceneries to offer. And yes, am tough enough to be back on summer time and be back at Saguaro river with my sweet friend Dianne and her adorable son Ricky whom our daughter wishes to see again.
For now, let me show you how I am doing with my first pot gardening activity. Did nothing more than plant those little greens with a mixture of 2 parts river soil; 1 part organic, pot garden soil; and 1 part rice hull. I added rice hull right on top of each pot to keep it moist when sunlight hits directly.

rice hulls
Rice hulls keep the soil moist so you will not water your plants quite often.

Note that the picture above is an okra plant.  Its pods have to be harvested while young, otherwise they will toughen and will be hard to eat.

Philippine okra
Manang Cita harvesting young okra. 

Holy BasilHoly basil! Yes it is an Ocimum tenuiflorum

philippine oregano
Coleus aromaticus Benth or Philippine "oregano" has a minty smell.  This plant is also known as Clavo or Kalabo; Cuban Oregano and mexican mint or thyme.  Usually used to treat cough.  Although this plant is not a real oregano (the culinary kind of stuff), its smell is close to it.  In fact, I slice its leaves thinly and mix with our food.

Now sing....

pot gardening
In the garden, the mighty garden, the lady sings along...

Will post more about Philippine pot gardening, and plants we planted with my sweet buddy Manang Cita - donde esta...

Ciao for now!

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