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9 Aug 2017
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Ignorance, indolence; pray’rs perfumed with incense. God said this is nonsense ... with monsters on our plains.

Our weakness and our greed;

Our discontent and need

Fears that constantly bleed

Them monsters that we made.


Ignorance, indolence

Pray’rs perfumed with incense

God said this is nonsense

With monsters on our plains.




Of every religion

Brings war to each nation.


Mothers kissing devil

Children’s souls getting ill

Monsters hov’ring for kill

Bloody revenge gives thrill.


Curse of humanity

Is inequality;

Survival everyday

Justice is jewelry.


All these will never end

If we don’t learn to bend

Our ego’s endless trend

Where monsters come to blend.


TQM 8-9-17

Art credit to the artist whoever he is.


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