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When the devil turns his deadly hands to those whom existence we hate… When such pleases our hearts, we thank his actions and we chant, “God thank you for the day that you have given us, Amen.” This, this is how we broke God’s heart.

Ignorance, indolence; pray’rs perfumed with incense. God said this is nonsense ... with monsters on our plains.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” My father said, “Be quiet or I’ll chain your soul And take the sun and moon away as well.”

Can you guess what this poetry means? I challenge you!

Election is coming. Voting is an emotional gamble. Inspired by our country/Philippine's current situation, I made this poetry using my brother Earl Ryan

It always rains in Seattle, Don’t care, I cud wait forever for autumn to come... Where the trees around look like a dream.

STUPID word is anywhere, from kid's TV to Kid's books. How come? Is this word kid-appropriate? I don't think so.

My dear little angel, The answer to all my prayers, The answer to all my questions, The reason of all the answers yet to be asked.

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