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Lemon Grass gained its reputation in Asian cuisine because of its lemony attribute, which smells equally wonderful with that of big, yellow lemons popular in Western cuisine. Now let me transport this ingredient to a western recipe that has become a family favorite.

No more freakin’ nitrates. Just pure delicious homemade maple pork bacon!

A nutritious and delicious snack of all times!

A popular American food that originated from Scandinavia, Gravlax makes a lovely light snack, appetizer, or a special part of the main course.

Filipino Dried Fish “Bulad or Toyo” gone gourmet! Why not? Filipino dried fish may stink just like Italian’s anchovies and French’s famous old-aged cheeses. All we need is the chef in us to turn a dish into one unforgettable gourmet finish.

Hungry for Healthy? Try this!

A very easy recipe for a tasty, fluffy and delightful couscous you can nibble all by itself or with your favorite side-dish.

This flour tortilla recipe is perfect in places where humidity rises up to 100%. Alas, alas, the perfect one is finally made!

This unbelievably great-tasting sautéed green beans with leftover ribs swept my feet away…

Or shall I say “Breakfast Ben”?

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