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Main Course/Entrée

We were having Beer-Battered Snapper for dinner, and my husband said, “I quite enjoyed it yesterday, and it still tastes good today.”

Bitter Gourd is not that bitter at all, and it is better for you. Ready to expand your palate?

Sorry Caviar, you may sound socially delicious but even if my stature is changed to the richest woman in the world, I’ll never give up my roe over you!

… one by one he devoured them, to me unexpectedly, wonderfully… and so did I, because they were too scrumptious!

Who says Lazy is not Okay? Wait 'til you taste this Laziness... You'll see, you'll see!

After having this creamy and buttery gnocchi for dinner, my husband suggested this better be in an Italian restaurant!

Whenever there is something cheesy, my husband and daughter would love it easy.

If you are a beef stroganoff fan, you would agree with me: This is the best of the best stroganoff recipe.

Chicken pesto burger – this is getting weirder dear. But it tastes so good, that’s clear!

This beef stroganoff recipe is so good my husband keeps on requesting for it for dinner. Promise, this recipe is a keeper!

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