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Breakfast Jack

3 Jan 2014
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Or shall I say “Breakfast Ben”?


Hungry mouth
Prep time
15 minutes
Cooking time
Total time
15 minutes


In my own opinion, I like this better than the real breakfast Jack, which is composed of ham, bacon, egg and sesame bun. We did not have a sesame bun, but did have this soft, almost pastry-like bun, and since we are in the Philippines, gathered our honey ham and prosciutto from Parma, Italy from Rustan’s department store’s imported section. They have a separate deli room, which has an abundance of almost all the cured meat usually right from Europe. I think this is why its prices are a little bit less compared to the US.

And oh, by the way, my husband’s name is Ben, and this is his idea.


slices of ham (actually depends on how much you want to use in a bun)
An egg or 2
A soft, pastry-like bun
Mayonnaise to smear on you bun (optional)
French mustard (or any mustard) to smear your bun (optional)


Smear mayonnaise and mustard on either sides or both of your bun.
Heat a pan over low-medium heat. When the pan is hot but not smoking, smear it with butter and cook the egg sunny-side up (scramble ahead if so desired). Sunny side-up way - I like mine runny while my husband’s fully cooked, which then I have to flip to get the yellow fully cooked.

Place the egg on your bun with the onion on top (you can do this later too).

Next, cook the ham on the same pan with cheese on top. Place a layer of ham enough to cover your bun’s middle surface (a little extra is alright).

Check the bottom of ham if it turns golden brown (will also show on the edges), and when the cheese has melted. Add this first layer to your bun. Repeat the process if you want this double.
Place on top of the egg.
Add in a piece or two of prosciutto ham (this has a bit stronger taste, so add moderately).

Where is that other piece of bun?
Once you find it, savor!


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