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Pound Cake Tower with Mango, Blueberry and Sweet Peppermint Leaves

13 Sep 2015
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Pound Cake Tower… where the heck in the world did this come from?


Prep time
10 minutes
Cooking time
Total time
10 minutes


Kudos to my husband who loves pound cake; kudos to unavailability of pound cake when we moved to the Philippines for a long time; kudos to the availability of world’s greatest tasting mango – the Carabao Mango or Mango Cebu here in the Philippines; and kudos to the blueberry that although frozen (imported from the US), still has that fresh taste. Last and not least, the sweet peppermint leaves from our little garden. The peppermint balances sweetness of the dessert, one of the reasons why this pound cake tower has gotten addictive.


pound cake slices (sliced crosswise; 1 inch thick or as desired)
scoops or 4 T mango ice-cream ( (the brand Magnolia Temptation has no artificial flavoring and so far the best tasting mango ice-cream around))
3 T
whipped cream
2 T
fresh ripe mango cubes
2 T
blueberries (frozen or fresh)
sweet peppermint leaves (or as desired), julienned



Place one slice of pound cake on the plate. Add scoops of mango ice-cream and spread gently. Place the other pound cake slice over and press gently. This time it should look like an pound cake ice-cream sandwich.

Add whipped cream on top, then top with fresh mango cubes, blueberries and sweet peppermint leaves.

It’s as easy as that! Now get the bite startin’!


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