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Not Just a Breaking News - It's Heart-Breaking

10 Nov 2013
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Central part of the Philippines had been ravaged by the deadly typhoon Haiyan. Any help accepted: one dollar is better than none!

After typhoon Haiyan ravaged the central part of the Philippines, thousands lost their homes, their families and friends.  We are calling the attention of people allover the world to help at least one dollar (it's better than none) to help the affected people.  They need shelter, blankets, clean clothes, soaps, drinking water (drinking water in the affected cities is currently contaminated), food and medicine.  A dollar of one is better than none.  Please help!

The following is where you can reach out:

Philippine Red Cross (Rescue and Relief)
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (Relief)
Catholic Relief Services
World Food Programme (Food)
Samaritan's Purse
World Vision (Food & Water)
Shelter Box USA
Habitat for Humanity (Shelter)
UNICEF (children)
International Medical Groups (Medicine)
Save the Children (Children)
Operation USA (Recovery/Relief)
National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (Relief)

Also, any clicks made from any google ads in my website, all income generated from this will be donated to the Philippine Red Cross to assist the typhoon victims.
  Click for charity, is what the ads are here for.

I recommend sending your help to any of the Non-Government Organizations above.  Based on my experience, sending help through a politician or a government department, there is a possibility that those aids (if not some) will not go through.  Sorry about this.  But we have plenty of options to help.

Thank you!


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